When looking for our dog we read many descriptions of the Large Munsterlander, and with our large and active family knew very quickly it was the breed for us.  Skye (Hawksward Storm Thunder at Abdecker) embodies all typical Munster features.  She loves to romp outside in the countryside, hunting through woods, running across fields and splashing through rivers. But in addition to all her athleticism and endurance, and perhaps best of all she has the most fantastic temperament full of love, loyalty and humour.

Skye like all Munsters, is a people dog.  She loves the family, will talk to us constantly in a manner similar to Chewbacca and is always looking for an opportunity to play, stealing slippers or socks to grab your attention as needed.  She is also always looking for an opportunity to hunt!  Large Munsterlanders are a working gundog breed (they are HPRs – Hunt, Point, Retrieve Dogs) and Skye has a strong instinct to find game, she is particularly fond of the winged variety!  From our experience it is vital to harness that instinct to help control your dog and enable them to do safely what they were born to do.  In so doing you will form an incredible bond, and experience some real highs (and the odd low!) as you learn to work together to overcome various challenges in the field.

True to the breed, Skye will also want to sit by, well on top of you at the end of each day.  Of course she will have rolled in dried leaves and ferns in order to dry the mud, muck and water from her latest adventure, but none of us seem to mind.

Having grown up with dogs, we knew we would love to have one again once we had the time and energy to do so, but we underestimated just how much joy it would be to share our lives with a Large Munsterlander.  We have put together this website to share our journey with the breed so far.